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Borroloola Business and Community Highlights

Borroloola is a small town located in the Gulf Region of the Northern Territory, Australia. It is home to a rich and diverse community that is both supportive of local businesses and dedicated to preserving the unique natural environment of the area. Here are some of the best examples of the successful partnership between the local community and businesses in Borroloola.

Borroloola Fishing Adventures: This business has been providing guided fishing tours in the region for many years. They work closely with the local community to ensure that their activities do not negatively impact the environment and that they are respectful of the traditional landowners. Their team of experienced guides are knowledgeable about the local fish species and strive to give their guests an unforgettable fishing experience.

Borroloola Hotel: The iconic Borroloola Hotel is a favorite of both locals and visitors. It is a family-run business that provides comfortable accommodation, cold drinks, and hearty meals. The hotel is also dedicated to supporting the local community, often hosting events and fundraisers for local causes.

Mabunji Aboriginal Resource Centre: This center is run by the Mabunji Aboriginal Corporation and provides a range of services to the local community. They offer support for education and training, housing, and employment. The center plays a vital role in ensuring that the traditional owners of the land have a say in the decisions that affect their community.

Borroloola Bushcamp: This unique accommodation option allows visitors to experience the beauty of the surrounding wilderness while also supporting the local community. The bush camp is run by the Garawa Aboriginal Corporation and provides guided tours that explore the flora and fauna of the area. Guests can also enjoy camping under the stars in a comfortable safari tent.

Borroloola Youth Crew: This community group is dedicated to empowering young people in the area. They offer a range of activities and programs that help to build confidence and skills. The Youth Crew is supported by local businesses and organizations and is a shining example of the positive impact that can be achieved when the community comes together.

The businesses and community groups in Borroloola are committed to promoting sustainable growth and ensuring that the unique cultural and environmental heritage of the region is preserved for future generations. It is this strong partnership between business and community that makes Borroloola such a special place.

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